You Are Not Alone In E-export!

We evaluate your company in many aspects with the technological products we offer to ensure Turkey's sales flow abroad and to deliver e-export companies to the right customers through digital channels. We offer effective solutions to all your needs in digital marketing processes to grow and develop your international sales.

You Are Not Alone In E-export!
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Digital Exporter
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Frequently Asked Questions

Export is a commercial activity in which goods or services produced in one country are sold to different countries outside the borders of that country. Exports support a country's economic growth, job creation and participation in international trade. Exports generally affect the trade balance between countries and contribute to economic growth.

E-export (electronic export) is the name given to the commercial activity that digitizes traditional trade methods and sells goods and services to different countries using internet-based platforms. E-export provides companies with the opportunity to expand their potential customer base around the world, access new market countries and make their trade processes more effective.

International market research is a process carried out by a company or an organization in order to understand its target markets and the opportunities and risks in these markets before deciding to operate in international markets. This research is an important step for the company to determine its international business strategies, present its products or services to global markets and gain competitive advantage.